3rd Black Friday, 2nd year Circulatin’

We had a wonderful time with our Circulate family on the annual Black Friday market! Great to see so many new & familiar shoppers & supporters! We got lots of great feedback about the food and the gift varieties. We always welcom feedback and suggestions as each market experience changes we make sure to take notes and ideas on how to make the next one even better! Thanks for 2 outstanding years!

Remember to post your product pics or purchase from the market with the hashtag #igotitatcirculate !!!

November 24th , 2017 = 2 years!!!

The Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market will be celebrating 2 years on ‘Black Friday’ , November 24th, 2017 !!!!!

11:00am to 4:00pm inside TRUE Skool, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 1000 (LL), Milwaukee WI  53203 (Inside the Grand Avenue Mall just below the TJ Maxx)

circ black fridayOur first market was held at this location in November of 2015. Since then we have held 16 markets at different locations around the city. We welcome new vendors and customers to join in participation each time we circulate to different and new locations.  Milwaukee is not the exception to cities across the country that are experiencing major growth and development. The Circulate Market ensures that the people who come from the city do not experience economic exclusion during such an exciting time of growth. The Circulate Market offers a sense of connection to local families and creators who have a wealth of knowledge and resources that keep our city rich in culture.

 Local Vendors will have a variety of skin and body products, wearable art, unique jewelry, books, hand-made crafts, custom made fashion and accessory items that make great holiday gifts!

To add to the experience, The Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market delivers something unique for its shoppers and attendees through pop up performances & demonstrations by local artists. At each market, we raffle off giveaways of goods donated by market vendors. Good food and a creative children’s area make the market both family and youth friendly. A component of the market that we are proud of is Circulate Small where youth vendors as young as 9 years old have products and services that contribute to the distinctive atmosphere of the market. The Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market has something for everyone!

Our shoppers pride themselves in knowing they are supporting Milwaukee based, family owned and operated businesses while simultaneously building a cooperative community. We challenge YOU to join in the effort to support the local economy by circulating dollars into the community through the Circulate Market. We ask that you consider making a pledge to make your holiday and giving purchases through local efforts that will, in return, give you an experience that you can’t find in your who’s who of corporate retail.

The Circulate Entrepreneur Market on Saturday November 24th, 2017 is in partnership with TRUE Skool, whose mission is to use Hip Hop Culture & Creative Arts as a tool to engage youth ages 14 – 24 yrs old in social justice leadership, education, entrepreneurship and workforce development. Their talented youth will be performing as well as selling original art and clothing designs.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please invite your family & friends!

Circulate – Creative Entrepreneur Marketplace was created to provide a fun and affordable shopping alternative to the traditional retail buying and selling experience.

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3rd Annual Circulate Market celebration on Black Friday on 11/24/17

Don’t miss our 3rd Annual Circulate Market celebration on Black Friday

 November 24th, 2017 

MARKET: 11:00am to 4:00pm inside TRUE Skool 161 W. Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1000 (LOWER LEVEL just below TJ Maxx) Milwaukee, WI 53203.

We welcome new vendors and customers to participate as we ‘Circulate’ to TRUE Skool located in Milwaukee’s downtown area, whose mission is to use Hip Hop Culture & Creative Arts as a tool to engage youth ages 14 – 24 yrs old in social justice
leadership, education, entrepreneurship and workforce development.

And the best part is….This is the location of the very first Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market 3 years ago!!! Wow!!

circ black friday.png

Top 10 reasons to experience the Circulate Market


  1. You can find unique and affordable items for your self, home or as gifts.
  2. This is a Milwaukee grassroots initiative that has a positive impact on the local economy that you can be proud to support.
  3. The Circulate Market has a variety of products sold by personable vendors who are expert creators and storytellers.
  4. Circulate Small is a component of the market where youth entrepreneurs bring life and love to the market with goods and services as they develop their product and brand. #circulatesmall
  5. The Circulate Market is a family friendly experience. There is a children’s area, and friendly products.
  6. It’s a chance to network and meet your Milwaukee Neighbors. In addition, because the market moves around you can visit locations that may be new to you.
  7. The food is AMAZING!!!! You can sit and eat or take something home.
  8. At the market you can expect to see a performance or demonstration by local artists.
  9. It’s a rare experience that can be shared with family and friends. Especially if you are hosting out of town guests for the holidays.
  10. Take the stress out of shopping when you participate in circulate! #retailtherapy