Peace & BlessingsĀ 

It has been an incredible 2017!! We are very proud to share our #Circulatemke community vision with so many creators and “go-getters” for another year! The ‘chill time’ we as entrepreneurs get to spend with our family and friends during this time is PRICELESS….Thank you to everyone who helped make the final market of 2017Continue reading “Peace & BlessingsĀ “

Dec. 23rd! Continuing the festivities!

The fun thing about anticipating the New Year is —– putting new ideas into play for the future! We want to thank our entire collective network for another suuuuuper awesome year of creative community building – We are in constant Circulation!! We have more forward thinking resources and announcments coming soon! Entrepreneurs from all overContinue reading “Dec. 23rd! Continuing the festivities!”