WHY Circulate?


How do we select our vendors and why? How do we choose venues? There is a process & we have to consider a few things. We are always looking to help vendors get started and or collaborate. Variety is the spice of our market and freshness is always appreciated by shoppers. Customers need certainty… They need to find all of their favorites to re-stock and then they also demand uncertainty… No one wants the same ole same ole. So, how do we please everyone? We don’t. No one can.

Every step in our CirculateMKE process is critical! We are still learning more and more daily about the details of the Market! Keep the feedback coming!

The Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market was created in 2015 to offer a consistent selling platform for our local network of creative entrepreneurs as well as preserve cultural knowledge and practices. We offer a very holistic experience and access to ethically sourced goods that promote community, health and well being. For this reason, we are intentional about accepting vendors that we believe represent this mission.

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