Talk to people!!!

It’s not a major market hack or any secret sauce, it’s simple! TALK TO PEOPLE!! Too many great connections and conversations are missed when creatives are in a shell and not really talking to people. Now, we are using ‘people’ vaguely, on purpose. You never know who you are talking to or quite honestly who you might be letting walk past with no contact. It always helps to smile, stand up and even introduce your self with a firm handshake. It may come naturally for you, but this is a HUGE challenge for some entrepreneurs and vendors. Both our shoppers and supporters also benefit greatly from networking, communicating, following up  and keeping the good conversations in circulation!

Here are 3 tips to get you talking at the next market:
1. Have your talking points or questions ready!
2. Practice sparking conversations with people you already know!
3. Don’t try to make sales , make new friends!

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