Circulate Love & Happy New Year!

The winter solstice is regarded by many as a very powerful time for reflection and execution. A time for defining our interests and goals with focus and consideration into the new year. This year came with a full moon as well!

What are your intentions set on for 2019? How are you setting yourself and your circle up for success? It’s always great to share different practices or traditions of self care & accountability. We encourage it. We recommend it. Circulate some love this season and lets all elevate into this next year cycle of growth with a standard of sharing. You can start small!

Think of others and share the love or ‘pass the plug’ as some might say. Practice circulating the love. Share big and shine your light for the world to see because when you shine bright it naturally gives others permission to do the same. The most successful people on the globe will tell you that part of the formula for achieving abundance, is helping others and being a giver. Offer your genius to create something beautiful that you can share the world.

Soon we are going to announce an important upcoming (in between markets) event. Some of you may know that we have held several business mixer styled events, small gatherings or invite only meetings in order to help facilitate building trust and accelerating the collective sharing process. We are taking initiative and also always taking suggestions on how to better support our Circulatemke family.

We want to see everyone win! Saying it out loud and proud, sharing and circulating ❤ for you and yours this festive holiday and new year season!! Be Safe and enjoy!!

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