The LOVE is real

There is always special reasons and people behind the different neighborhoods and venues we choose to ‘circulate’ into. The idea is to learn more about how our city can and does work together when it comes to supporting arts, independent makers, vendors and entrepreneurs. Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market is a facilitator of many different connections and business collaborations throughout Milwaukee. We are always looking to expand and explore new territory of a very historically, economically segregated city. How can we continue to break down barriers? How can we continue to get different folks together doing trade, services & commerce together to show and prove our unified strength? These are some of the things we ponder. Outloud.

visit_ vendor registration &details available (1)

We are happy to announce the upcoming Circulate Market in coordination with Walker’s Point Center For the Arts.  Located on 839 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

We are excited to introduce this jewel in the community to many new people through our Feb. 10th MARKET!!!! This beautiful space is dedicated to cultural and neighborhood preservation through hosting art galleries and activities for families usually free of charge! Make sure you come to check it out! The synergy is real!

More details coming soon!!

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