Let’s Circulate on April 27th

So much happens in-between our Circulate Markets….. We usually do our every other month cooperative economic convening with a few special events and have followed our pattern since we started in 2015. The demand for Circulate is real, we have to admit. The respect for our mission and motives is also real. We have great relationships that keep us connected to everything moving! People have been asking/suggesting that we produce Circulate monthly, we are also constantly cross coordinating and communicating with other local market promoters and vendors about smart scheduling and supporting one another.  The circulation never stops! So much behind the scenes action, we are working on sharing some of that soon too…You never know what’s next!
For now, The wait is over, that’s right! Our next Circulate MKE Creative Entrepreneur Market will be Saturday April 27th, 11am-5pm
Where? ( you know it’s always somewhere new )
Artisan Apartment & Commercial Building in Walkers Point.
@ 133 W. Pittsburgh Ave
Bring the babies and friends as you eat great food and discover new treasures while you re-up on some of your regular favorites. Tell a friend! 

Email circulatemke@gmail.com for inquiries or to share great ideas.

Vendor registration can be done on our website www.circulatemke.com

✌🏾💖 & commUNITY


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