Vacant Spaces all around!

There is always a need to fill vacancy , especially in a major center for shopping and retail actio. Downtown Milwaukee ( with many other larger cities) are experiencing so much vacancy. The quest for ideas and scramble for sustainable development options are happening at a rapid rate. People seem to be tired of the same old same old scenarios. Some things are just outdated, especially with so much buying happening from phones or from computers these days…..


The pic above is inside ‘The Avenue’ – an ever changing, beautiful ‘mall’ space we recently activated for our 5th Annual CirculateMKE market. Everyone loved the vibes inside this once ‘Linen and things’ location. As most people know, we are a mobile operation that looks to pop out in different neighborhoods, work with diverse creative entrepreneurs and makers but also patrons! We are always on the lookout for vacancy or underutilized facilities that could fit our visions for growing the CirculateMKE experience fully. There are SO MANY vacancies and storefronts that need some innovative economic magnetism. That’s where we come in.  When you see a vacancy , think of us. Think Circulate MKE. We ain’t goin nowhere.



We had over 200 people attended our 5th Annual Black Friday Market! We even had FOX6 come down to do a special highlight on the fact that there was actually life and movement happening in this once bubbling, now seemingly dead area of downtown.

The power of our dollars is NEVER to be underestimated. WATCH what happens next!