Stay vigilant! Vote daily with your habits!

Signs of the times….People are passionate about politics….Sometimes. There are always signs of anxiety and even panic around election time…This presidential election season is even more insanely active with widespread stress. Everyone has their side. Then of course there’s your local elections and battles. What’s a creative entrepreneur to do during these uneasy times…You already know!!

money circulating

  1. Get BUSY! Create! – Imagine the possibilities and the problems you can solve with your products or service

People are scrambling looking for methods for buying and selling products and services in new ways due to new issues in our society.

2. Link up! – Get your ‘tribe’ together, we are always stirring (circulate) the concrete for relationships and connections that are naturally going to become solid partnerships that will only inspire more builders!

There are other makers and business owners that want to connect with YOU! Great minds think alike and as our networks expand they also shrink when we are precise!

3. Use your resources! – It’s the difference between spending your money , and using your money. The power of your dollars and being wise about where your precious treasure ( time/attention ) and energy ( relationships/resources ) are spent is priceless. Stay Vigilant!