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We learn about different initiatives that are happening all the time – and we are spreading the inspiration!! We want to THANK all of the people stepping up during this time helping essential workers and frontline folks!

Stay safe, practice healthy habits and keep the conscious dialogue happening! All you soldiers stay woke and keep pushin forward! Use your creative skills to help people and also make money at the same damn time! What are some services or products you are offering? We want to know!

We did it AGAIN!

The uncertainty and nerves around a virtual market have been shaken off and the floodgates of ideas and opportunities are now open. CirculateMKE Creative Entrepreneurial Market has always been about serving the needs of the community and responding in real time with innovative approaches to get new results to old problems. Traditionally, in the market those who attend are equally as important as the creative vendors who, beyond an economic opportunity, seek to help and offer healing to our communities. Each market we end with hugs and thank you’s for the positive energy, togetherness and love. Maybe some dancing and toasts….Even after a 9 hour day exhausted vendors, organizers, lingering attendees and volunteers are still running  on vibrations high enough to make us take another moment to appreciate one another. 

The process of coordinating the virtual experience has allowed a different kind of bond between us and the vendors who also get to connect on a deeper level. We use our insight and awareness of each business through the relationships we have developed with them over the last six years to curate each experience offering an intimate opportunity for them to develop a deeper level of appreciation for one another. 

CirculateMKE Virtual Market round 2 was all about healing. We titled it “Community, Immunity and Economics”. Each vendor chosen has a business dedicated to the well being of others with a personal story of their own journey of research, practice and healing. Each one of them had products that could be personalized and tailored to an individual’s needs and could draw a consumer in to consider and share their own personal story.

Like the first time, it started with one on one conversations, messages and clarity on our intentions. This is a scary time of uncertainty for many in our communities and with a plentiful variety of mixed messaging layered with fear about an uncertain future. COVID-19, the social distancing, health concerns and lost loved ones makes it hard for one to balance hopefulness on their own. Circulate Creative with the help of these healers would offer a virtual market experience that would offer some inspiration and insight on being healthy and home and offer options for emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Once again, we started with 5 vendors. One became unresponsive, one backed out before the practice round and another pulled out two days before the scheduled market. YIKES!!!! Oh well, this is how it goes. The universe was gonna make this work in our favor, and it did!

Each vendor, humble and eager to be helpful, took the practice round very seriously. Well, the two that showed up. We exchanged encouragement and offered advice for improvement on their presentations. Based on the content and the wealth of knowledge each vendor had to share we extended the presentation time from 6 to 8 minutes to 10 with no strict concern for time. We wanted to eliminate any pressure or barriers that would keep the flow from being authentic and whole. The synergy was good and there was a lot of wisdom to be shared. 

We sent the practice round with notes to the vendors for them to review and practice. We wrapped our heads around where the conversation could go and just as we suspected everything fell into place. A third vendor agreed last minute to participate and offered a service that brought the conversation of health full circle. All three vendors have deep roots in the community through family, friends and service and well respected and loved. We knew that each of them would draw in an extended audience just because of who they are!

Virtual Market thrusday May 21 3pm

We doubled our virtual attendance and took our time to engage with attendees. The feedback during and following the market was positive and consistent. We received texts, calls and messages thanking us for the market and shared testimony of how or why the Virtual Market conversations were very needed . 

For us, it has always been the testimony of the people that has been the greatest measurement of our CirculateMke success!

In the great words of Tupac Shakur – “Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live and let’s change the way we treat each other”


Meet Your Makers!!

circulate 5 14

We are looking forward to opening up this new digital door even wider. Time to let the people in!!! Think about all the new possibilities for connectivity that will spring up from this level of accessibility…. CirculateMKE Virtual Market is off to a magnificent jump!

Many people who have limited mobility or vision impairments for example have told us that they have had different challenges making it out to CirculateMKE Markets in the past. We flow into many physical spaces with so many considerations. Bathrooms, kitchen, storage, load-in, children’s area, wheelchair accessibility , wifi, parking….the list is significant. The attention to detail for every ingredient is critical.

This now changes with our segway into a new collective virtual experience. We are getting up close and personal to learn the stories, process and solutions of very bright creative entrepreneurs. ‘Meet Your Makers’ 

Help share and please spread the link/word about our upcoming #CirculateMke Virtual Markets so people in other cities , countries can experience our family of cooperative economics and resource support. Thursday May 14th JOIN US! 

We would love to see you!

Watch our kick off #Circulatemke Virtual Market

What had happened was….Pt.1

There is a lot of work that goes into organizing each CirculateMKE market. We are committed to very specific considerations that minimizes barriers for our vendors to participate including low cost vendor fees, certain amenities and children friendly atmospheres.

We do not pretend that we aren’t a culturally diverse group of bad ass creatives who love music, fun, food and art. We develop relationships with vacant property owners and various local businesses across our city to guarantee a rich experience in mostly untapped venues that they would otherwise not likely attract our audience of entrepreneurs or shoppers or be simply closed in general.

We go through many negotiations, site visits, marketing meetings, securing necessities for business productivity and more on a long list of variables that help us to determine if a venue or collaboration fits our needs and can be welcoming to our community.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that quickly shut down the world in slow motion, small business owners and entrepreneurs were impacted differently than corporate companies who had a rush of business overwhelm them while the rest of goods and resources became inaccessible. Circulate typically has April and May markets and we know our vendors depend on our seasonal schedule to maintain consistent visibility and an opportunity to jump back in and out of marketing due to “REAL LIFE” shit!

Much like the first market, the idea came and we immediately, in a quick quick hurry, began to flush out the details. We as organizers, knew that we had to map it out for our own understanding so we could be sure to be great communicators to our vendors. Our ‘typical’ list of considerations just didn’t apply. Charting a brand new pilgrimage into the digital world for the collective good of the CirculateMKE Creative Community would take a different kind of innovation and the list started with personal phone calls, initially 5.

We are known for a well detailed layout of instructions, what to expect and marketing materials. We didn’t fail for this either. Part of the difference now is that we are asking a bit more from our vendors to participate in this virtual process. We needed a strong headshot, a quote, a confirmation for a practice round and for them to prepare for a 6-8 minute product presentation. We provided a draft script and a list of considerations as homework.

thrusday april 30 3pm V

Once we got our confirmations, we sent our detailed market emails out….And there was no initial response…Crickets…. We can’t help but to think that once that email went out the whole conversation got really real for everyone.

No getting little or letting CirculateMKE work its magic and with the click of two heels a market would appear. We couldn’t do this without them being ALL IN! I get it though, it’s a big ongoing responsibility. Then… We had one of the vendors drop out. She wasn’t ready- NO WORRIES! Then I called a few more who were NOT READY! Cool, understood.

Our practice round had 2 vendors in attendance but damn was it necessary for us all and it lent a lot of insight that we were able to record and share with other 2 vendors who couldn’t make it that day. I won’t even get into how hard it was to schedule the practice round to begin with. Once this was over it was on everyone to practice and get themselves confident for our big performance day!

Thursday, April 30th  comes and we lost yet ANOTHER vendor……So I’m thinking , we have three for sure strong presentations and if we as hosts stepped into the conversations a bit more than we initially planned we could probably manage any issues around flow and time.

This was only round one of an ongoing series.
We spent the morning troubleshooting technical issues learning the zoom details and refining our intentions. Followed by an exchange of texts of encouragement with the vendors; 2:50pm was here and it was show time!


My response……… complete gratitude and love. The vendors crushed it! They were awesome storytellers, educators and great product pitchers. We had an engaged audience and although there is nothing like the vibrations and synergy in a physical gathering of a CircualteMKE Market, I think we gave and received a dose of a currency that is more valuable than money.

Thank you @runameh_nourish @canelitabrown and @blossomcandlesco

Please go to their pages and support them!

Order your products, they will come with love and free of shipping if you do it in the next week!


See you all on May 14th for the next CirculateMKE Virtual Market!

Amor y paz,

Shoo Shoo