Creative Problem Solvers

We learn about different initiatives that are happening all the time – and we are spreading the inspiration!! We want to THANK all of the people stepping up during this time helping essential workers and frontline folks! Stay safe, practice healthy habits and keep the conscious dialogue happening! All you soldiers stay woke and keepContinue reading “Creative Problem Solvers”

We did it AGAIN!

The uncertainty and nerves around a virtual market have been shaken off and the floodgates of ideas and opportunities are now open. CirculateMKE Creative Entrepreneurial Market has always been about serving the needs of the community and responding in real time with innovative approaches to get new results to old problems. Traditionally, in the marketContinue reading “We did it AGAIN!”

What had happened was….Pt.1

There is a lot of work that goes into organizing each CirculateMKE market. We are committed to very specific considerations that minimizes barriers for our vendors to participate including low cost vendor fees, certain amenities and children friendly atmospheres. We do not pretend that we aren’t a culturally diverse group of bad ass creatives whoContinue reading “What had happened was….Pt.1”