Meet Your Makers!!

circulate 5 14

We are looking forward to opening up this new digital door even wider. Time to let the people in!!! Think about all the new possibilities for connectivity that will spring up from this level of accessibility…. CirculateMKE Virtual Market is off to a magnificent jump!

Many people who have limited mobility or vision impairments for example have told us that they have had different challenges making it out to CirculateMKE Markets in the past. We flow into many physical spaces with so many considerations. Bathrooms, kitchen, storage, load-in, children’s area, wheelchair accessibility , wifi, parking….the list is significant. The attention to detail for every ingredient is critical.

This now changes with our segway into a new collective virtual experience. We are getting up close and personal to learn the stories, process and solutions of very bright creative entrepreneurs. ‘Meet Your Makers’ 

Help share and please spread the link/word about our upcoming #CirculateMke Virtual Markets so people in other cities , countries can experience our family of cooperative economics and resource support. Thursday May 14th JOIN US! 

We would love to see you!

Watch our kick off #Circulatemke Virtual Market

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