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Hey again, I hope this blog post finds you and your family well.

As much as I’d like to say this post was an easy one, I’ve got to keep it real and let you all know that it was in fact very difficult for me. Even as I write I can feel the pit of anxiety in my belly grow a little – an almost constant companion these days. If you are like me and suffer from anxiety, you know exactly what I am talking about. For me, anxiety is brought about by the uncertainties of life; me being big on planning and preparation, not knowing what additional life changes will happen is very stressful. While blaming COVID and the folks in control of how the public is supposed to respond is the easy fix, I have to remind myself of the control I have over my thoughts and emotions.

Recent “Movement Fund” winner Artist Rubi Luciano with her latest coloring book release titled “Day Dreaming”

Recently, I attended a virtual webinar hosted by CIRCULATE MKE – a local makers market that has like most other organizations bringing people together, gone digital. This one was in partnership with Eric Upchurch II, creator of the Movement Fund, a social justice funding organization. The title itself was enough to get me interested – “Resilience for Black & Brown Entrepreneurs”. The content of the webinar focused on the idea of being present in the current moment to help alleviate some of the stress we put on ourselves by letting our thoughts run wild. We talked about gaining clarity by being mindful of what our thoughts are telling our bodies and how that negativity we experience impacts us emotionally and physically and in turn affects our overall health. It was comforting to realize that our thoughts are not who we are and we should not define our whole existence on them.

Grounding techniques were also a key component of conversations surrounding how to cope in the moment when our negative thoughts take over. This was something I was already familiar with thanks to TRUE Skool’s Art of Coping series. A couple of techniques that I have since put into practice include intentional deep breathing and internal affirmations in moments of anxiety. I think I’ve said to myself “Nothing is perfect, but everything is okay,” at least a few thousand times over the last couple of weeks. While it didn’t solve all my problems, it helped me remember that despite all the difficulties I’m currently experiencing, it’s all temporary and I will get through it in one piece.

This webinar was such an eye opening experience for me, understanding that we are the only ones in control of our thoughts and that gaining control over how we speak to ourselves internally, can have a major difference in our feeling of well-being. I will continue to use what I’ve learned to battle my anxiety and live a healthier, happier life and I hope you do the same!


If anyone is interested in finding out more about the Movement Fund please visit using my link. If you sign up for a one time or recurring donation you will not only support me as an affiliate artist but also so many other beautiful people out there doing good work for their communities.

This is a Movement of many Blessings!! Join Us!

After our recent “Resilient Entrepreneur” Training we held a raffle drawing. That’s not a surprise to anyone familiar with our movement. We always giveaway two goodie bags after each of our CirculateMKE Markets. This giveaway was different though , by the end of our Training, we ended up giving every Creative Entrepreneur on the video training a cash prize which amped everyone up for the Grand prize even more! To win BIG participants had to join the Movement Fund. You might ask, well what is the Movement Fund????

Well, our Resilience Training was facilitated and sponsored by them! AND YOU CAN INVEST our ability to provide MORE low barrier CIRCULATEMKE Micro Grant$ and Small Business Trainings through the Movement Fund!!!

“Here’s a blurb from their site: Bringing change means bringing awareness through training sessions, campaigns, gatherings, discussions and other avenues that inform the people of the challenges, solutions and get them involved. Build Community when you Build Awareness and empower The Movement.”

Here’s what Fabi Gee, of Essential Rituals by Fabi, our Grand prize WINNER had to say:

Participating in the recent Movement Fund training, it gave me hope to know that there are real grants for real entrepreneurs that may not be well established enough to be considered for other grants.  Listening to how the Movement Fund really gets behind businesses and people of color to help them overcome obstacles that stand in the way of them and their dreams.   I have always been a supporter of the Circulate Markets and then became an actual vendor. That community really does rely on us building each other and supporting each other. Looking through the lens of actually trying to start a business is more difficult than people could imagine. I am proud to be able to support Circulate Market and the Movement Fund so that other entrepreneurs can have the same opportunity that I was blessed with!  I am truly honored and blessed to have been chosen to receive this Grant and being able to pay it forward.

Learn more , check out the details & Join the MOVEMENT! ! Get involved and help us #circulatelocaldollars

We will continue to serve Creative Entrepreneurs in all the ways! You ain’t seen nothin yet!!

Even Better in 2021!

As entrepreneurs and small-business owners creators , makers, vendors and simply hard workers, many of us had to be very fluid and flexible last year ….but that’s nothing new for us necessarily… #2020 was just unexpectedly abrupt and taught us a lot about ourselves and our society real fast…we all had to think fast..& get … Continue reading Even Better in 2021!

2021 indeed!

Come on! Bring it on! We are READY! Are you?! Celebrate what’s new! Next and new! Further elevations! Making and effective! Only about that work! Balance and never get lost! #circulatelocaldollars

Financial Needs right NOW! Small business support systems and personal investments

Listen and Learn from the best! This episode features CirculateMKE Virtual Market Creative Entrepreneur , Author and financial coach, Tayala Scott dropping some serious knowledge! We would love your feedback on this one! Money, Money, Money! Easy to get , hard to flip….unless you have the proper education and understanding. Everybody wants ‘the bag’ – but whatcha gonna do to get it? Our Virtual series is a way to really dig deep into the expertise of within our network – This particular feature is from the June 2020 Market – PACKED with info and action steps!

What are your future financial goals?

Have you sought out any expert advice or support to help you reach your goals?

How are you tracking your personal vs small business finances?

All these topics and more are touched in this episode! Next Virtual Announcements coming soon!

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