EYE OPENING Experience

Hey again, I hope this blog post finds you and your family well.

As much as I’d like to say this post was an easy one, I’ve got to keep it real and let you all know that it was in fact very difficult for me. Even as I write I can feel the pit of anxiety in my belly grow a little – an almost constant companion these days. If you are like me and suffer from anxiety, you know exactly what I am talking about. For me, anxiety is brought about by the uncertainties of life; me being big on planning and preparation, not knowing what additional life changes will happen is very stressful. While blaming COVID and the folks in control of how the public is supposed to respond is the easy fix, I have to remind myself of the control I have over my thoughts and emotions.

Recent “Movement Fund” winner Artist Rubi Luciano with her latest coloring book release titled “Day Dreaming”

Recently, I attended a virtual webinar hosted by CIRCULATE MKE – a local makers market that has like most other organizations bringing people together, gone digital. This one was in partnership with Eric Upchurch II, creator of the Movement Fund, a social justice funding organization. The title itself was enough to get me interested – “Resilience for Black & Brown Entrepreneurs”. The content of the webinar focused on the idea of being present in the current moment to help alleviate some of the stress we put on ourselves by letting our thoughts run wild. We talked about gaining clarity by being mindful of what our thoughts are telling our bodies and how that negativity we experience impacts us emotionally and physically and in turn affects our overall health. It was comforting to realize that our thoughts are not who we are and we should not define our whole existence on them.

Grounding techniques were also a key component of conversations surrounding how to cope in the moment when our negative thoughts take over. This was something I was already familiar with thanks to TRUE Skool’s Art of Coping series. A couple of techniques that I have since put into practice include intentional deep breathing and internal affirmations in moments of anxiety. I think I’ve said to myself “Nothing is perfect, but everything is okay,” at least a few thousand times over the last couple of weeks. While it didn’t solve all my problems, it helped me remember that despite all the difficulties I’m currently experiencing, it’s all temporary and I will get through it in one piece.

This webinar was such an eye opening experience for me, understanding that we are the only ones in control of our thoughts and that gaining control over how we speak to ourselves internally, can have a major difference in our feeling of well-being. I will continue to use what I’ve learned to battle my anxiety and live a healthier, happier life and I hope you do the same!


If anyone is interested in finding out more about the Movement Fund please visit using my link. If you sign up for a one time or recurring donation you will not only support me as an affiliate artist but also so many other beautiful people out there doing good work for their communities.

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