Circulate Dollar$ Program

Have you heard? We now have our own sponsorship program Circulate Dollar$! How did this happen you might ask , well we’ve been wanting to help local vendors and market attendees for a long time in a very impactful way. This summer we officially launched Circulate Dollar$ as a sponsorship program. As part of our ‘slow’ rollout we began working with local youth interns at and other organizations such as and also community residents were all given / gifted our sponsored Circulate Dollar$, real currency to spend at the market!!

Creative interns from True skool‘s summer youth program were tasked with interviewing vendors to learn more about starting a business and what it takes. Community residents volunteered and together they were able to spend over $1500 so far with local vendors. So how does this work?

We’ve had local and regional businesses donate to our program the currency is exchange in the dollar for dollar rate only at Circulate Entrepreneur Markets. Your business can sponsor any amount starting at $100 and that money will be used to help support vendors who may not be able to cover registration fees or those Circulate Dollar$ will be gifted to an aspiring youth entrepreneur or community resident. We are encouraging and practicing collective economics in a real way! Join us!

Email us to get started with your Circulate Dollar$ sponsorship! Invest in the next generation of success!


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