Market Conversations!

You know there’s a real intense level of flow and activity at our markets And although there is a certain level of friendship and understanding that we get to develop, We wanted to make sure that we took the time to make space For deeper conversations and to give you guys the opportunity to get to know these amazing entrepreneurs!!!! Circulate Dollar$ Podcast Available EVERYWHERE!

Get to know these Entrepreneurs! CirculateMKE Market Conversations:

Kendra Lee is the young creative behind the Candle Company , you can find her at many different events and markets, selling her smell good products. Her brand is simply based around love, the most powerful force in our universe. Here we learn more about her perspectives and challenges as a young entrepreneur and what she has learned so far getting in the market mix. She shares tips and tricks for vendors from her own experiences and also talks about what it’s like to drive online sales, or not. Kendra also talks about the joyful energy exchange that happens through our Circulate Dollar$ system.

Check out our latest Circulate Dollar$ episode and share the love!


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