Make sure the HOUSE is in order. Market Conversation w/ RBG Inspections

“I was born and raised in Milwaukee’s inner-city. As my mother’s only son, I spent most of my life learning how to fix and maintain things around the house. I spent most of my career working in carpentry and performing residential inspections for the City of Milwaukee.” – Mak

Currently looking to buy a home, sell a home, renting property? This episode takes a deep look into improving the quality of our communities one home at a time. Mak is a home inspection and maintenance specialist with a wealth of knowledge about what to look for if you are buying or selling property. We talk first time home ownership and general things to look out for when protecting your investment. Real estate is often referenced as a way to build generational wealth, let’s talk about it from all perspectives. Are you in Milwaukee? If you are planning   new construction, renovations or additions, get a Code Compliance Consultation.

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