The future!

We were truly blessed this summer..

Special thanks to the youth from TRUE SKOOL that formed a CirculateMKE Deign team to support the movement! Our mission became their mission as they researched and learned about entrepreneurship in a very hands on way!

These young creatives produced new content available on our YouTube channel and also made us a #TikTok ! They recruited youth vendors, performing artists and made some cool promotional graphics!! Our July 16th Market at Harbor Fest & the following at Alice’s Garden was blessed with fresh live performers curated by guess who, these awesome Interns. The youth are the FUTURE of CirculateMKE! We also got a new, fun summer theme song/video played down by 15yr old Frank aka “BRG Bank” !!!! Look out for their Circulate Dollar$ Podcast episode!

Stay tuned! You never know what will come next!!!!!!


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