Busy Summer! Take a sec,

All through the summer many makers and vendors are BUSY! It’s a time to get out into the community, set up shop and do business at different festivals, markets , fairs, events everywhere! We all love getting out, seeing everyone and supporting each other!

Take a sec, step into the mind of many makers during the busy summer:  Can’t make them all. Deciding which event or audience to target, how to budget for fees and product, there are many things considered and overlooked. Utilizing booth space, trying a new presentation, did I remember to pack the sign in sheet……Thinking about pre-promotions and direct engagement during the event. Is my team available to work the crowd?   Forecasting mentally the many price points and all of the ‘wheelin and dealin’ that just has to happen. Package deals, discounted exchanges, trades, it would be dope if could…..(fill in the blanks)

assorted cosmetic lot
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Managing the digital presence and getting creative trying to build a demand and popularity around something you are physically working on like jewelry or T Shirts that you screen print for example, is very consuming and it takes both sides of your brain essentially. Then, BOOM! You are no longer lost inside your detailed labor of love. Now you gotta get to know people and share stories in the real world of human interaction and your product or service offering goes through a different type of inspection and surveying. Under the hot sun, maybe a tent, maybe anticipating the finale of a passing rain storm, while you are next to all the other wonderful creative entrepreneurs in the marketplace. In that moment, just be.

Look around, take a sec, get into the minds of many makers. In the midst of all the business and busyness….Breathe in the inspiration, look at what it takes and how hard everyone is constantly going for their vision, feel the energy exchanging and reflect on what you contribute, not just how much money you made. You matter.