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The key to making IT happen is relationships! CirculateMKE believes in people power and creatively connecting our resources for a collective economic impact! Thanks to everyone who helps to refer new vendors and creatives to our Marketplace. It means alot when new vendors already have heard great things about the CirculateMKE experience! (Shout out to all you makers building up inventory, gettin’ ready!)

We have many makers and vendors who express that at our CirculateMKE Creative Entrepreneur Marketplace platform was the very first time they ever stepped out and tried to ‘make it happen’ –  and how much of a warm welcome they immediately received from our colorful community of shoppers and other circulators.

All feedback is so important to help us fine tune the details of each and every touch we make. Keep it coming! The more we share the better. Special thanks to all of our dedicated returning vendors / storytellers most who keep the products , services and magic flowing year round! This is that giving time of the year so give the gift of information and tell a friend about our Black Friday Market on 11/29! 

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Share this upcoming opportunity with a friend or family member today! There is a selection process for vendors. Our anniversary  event is free and open to the public!

5th annual Black Friday has been announced!!

circulate nov 2019


After more than 30 markets hosted all across the city and working with over 100 local Milwaukee creative entrepreneurs of all ages, CirculateMKE is excited to return back to what is now ‘The Avenue’(Formally Shops of The Grand Ave), where they held their 1st market some 5 years ago! Located at 161 W. Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Milwaukee, where some incredible transformations and renovations are underway. CirculateMKE guests will get a sneak peak at the plans and new developments!

This year’s Black Friday market will be held from 11am until 5pm in the former ‘Linen and Things’ location with entrance on Wisconsin Ave. The annual CirculateMKE Black Friday shopping experience is open to the public, free and family friendly.

What started as a unique way to gather and support community makers and local vendors outside of traditional retail shopping during the holidays has grown and inspired new economic mobility options for many local vendors and businesses in Milwaukee.

On Black Friday, CirculateMKE will acknowledge and commemorate the many achievements made by their CirculateMKE family of vendors, makers and supporters.


Entrepreneur 4 Life – Podcast


Check out this dope Entrepreneur for Life Podcast episode featuring vendor interviews from the most recent Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market hosted at the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM After Dark special event.) Press play & you will hear some great suggestions and honest reflections from experienced Milwaukee market merchants. Some very helpful tips of the trade from different perspectives and maybe some voices/brands you may recognize. They discuss the ways they have learned and grown as entrepreneurs. The whole vibe of this podcast is captivating and you almost feel like you’re at the party, in the conversation with them!

Consider this your invite to get in on it! Come Circulate with us! Press play!

20190816_203843.jpgWe would appreciate your feedback and comments, we are all here to network and support each other! Who else do you think we need to have featured? What are some other topics, of points of interest you would like to hear? Are YOU an Entrepreneur 4 Life?If you would like to connect with others in the Entrepreneur 4 Life Network join the facebook group with over 1600+ members!

MAM! Bam! Circulate is Moving!

As the old sayings go…..When opportunities knock , open the door…Or , if you stay ready , you don’t have to get ready….Whatever…

Check out select CirculateMKE vendors at MAM Afterdark!! Special event alert! The August 16th theme is “NYC, funk & Hip Hop”. The night will include DJs, breakdance performances, an interactive mural and best of all, the dopest market in the city!!!! This event is from 7-11 and 21+ and free to museum members. – Bring ya pocket book!

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These events are always super fun! If you have never been to a MAM Afterdark event , be ready for a party!! We have been asked to curate the Marketplace experience for over 1,000 guests and party goers – get ready!

Busy Summer! Take a sec,

All through the summer many makers and vendors are BUSY! It’s a time to get out into the community, set up shop and do business at different festivals, markets , fairs, events everywhere! We all love getting out, seeing everyone and supporting each other!

Take a sec, step into the mind of many makers during the busy summer:  Can’t make them all. Deciding which event or audience to target, how to budget for fees and product, there are many things considered and overlooked. Utilizing booth space, trying a new presentation, did I remember to pack the sign in sheet……Thinking about pre-promotions and direct engagement during the event. Is my team available to work the crowd?   Forecasting mentally the many price points and all of the ‘wheelin and dealin’ that just has to happen. Package deals, discounted exchanges, trades, it would be dope if could…..(fill in the blanks)

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@circulatemke on all social media

Managing the digital presence and getting creative trying to build a demand and popularity around something you are physically working on like jewelry or T Shirts that you screen print for example, is very consuming and it takes both sides of your brain essentially. Then, BOOM! You are no longer lost inside your detailed labor of love. Now you gotta get to know people and share stories in the real world of human interaction and your product or service offering goes through a different type of inspection and surveying. Under the hot sun, maybe a tent, maybe anticipating the finale of a passing rain storm, while you are next to all the other wonderful creative entrepreneurs in the marketplace. In that moment, just be.

Look around, take a sec, get into the minds of many makers. In the midst of all the business and busyness….Breathe in the inspiration, look at what it takes and how hard everyone is constantly going for their vision, feel the energy exchanging and reflect on what you contribute, not just how much money you made. You matter.


TRUE Skool Block Party+ Market

We are pleased to announce CirculateMKE will again participate in one of the most fun youth and family friendly events during the Milwaukee summer! TRUE Skool’s Block Party will again take place at the Marcus Center for Performing Arts Downtown Milwaukee outdoor on the Peck Pavilion!! Saturday July 27th from 11am-5pm people from all over Milwaukee get to enjoy a FREE & safe festival with live entertainment and arts. This is not a fest full of beer and booze , it’s on the riverwalk and very fun for kids!

Help us spread the word! Invite your friends!!

Interested in a space at TRUE Skool Block Party 7/27/19?

Check out the VENDOR REGISTRATION  page for details!

(We are also looking for youth vendors & community resources tables as well!)

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Learn more about the TRUE Skool BLOCK PARTY 2019

Some home work!


For many of us there is a blurry line between ‘work’ and ‘home’ . Many of us get our only time to work in or on our personal business, at home, after work,work. It can take a toll on some and it can be the best arrangement possible for others. It’s all about balance. Creative entrepreneurs that we work with respect family life and also respect the grind to the fullest. It’s real. It always feels good when the two connect and are in sync. This topic comes up often.

We want to know how you balance the two…. Is there a bed in your working space that you curl up in after a long night of making? Do you insist that your work studio and the comfort of your home NOT be on top of each other?? How do you manage the balance? Let’s talk about it.


Rotation , Rotation , Rotation!


Milwaukee can be a super cool place to explore on so many levels! Especially for the creatives. Especially since we are essentially breaking barriers and long standing social stigmas by consistently rotating with such a diverse core of vendors, shoppers and supporters.  People always offer positive feedback about our unique location choices, understanding we want to keep the Circulate experience mobile, continuously increasing all of our city wide connections. Desegregating our dollars is no small notion… In the meantime, we are always on the lookout for perfect fitting potential venues in new areas as well as professional partnerships for future Market activations, special events and other Circulate moves. The demand for local products is evident in addition to the small business opportunities and awareness generated by supporting local makers and entrepreneurs around the city!

We would like your help! Yes! We have always asked our Circulate network for input and    investment. It’s all win/win/win!

There are plenty of magical spaces and hidden jewels in each one of our beloved communities! Our team may be unaware and also there are different ideas and possibilities we would like to pursue with the right platform and collaborators! We love introducing our networks and community to different spots! The power of our network is in our communication and cooperation! Where to next? How can you become a part of this process? What’s the next move? Feel free to send us a link, email  message to point us in the right direction! There will be several orgs and individuals offering info and resident and business resources. Promoting and connecting our collective efforts is important! Please keep us informed on how we can work together!

Questions? Email us


As we continue to open up possibilities and set up whole #Circulatemke markets or events at several unlikely places…..Send a special thanks and shout out to some of our recent Circulate venues = Just a few, check’em out & support:



Let’s Circulate on April 27th

So much happens in-between our Circulate Markets….. We usually do our every other month cooperative economic convening with a few special events and have followed our pattern since we started in 2015. The demand for Circulate is real, we have to admit. The respect for our mission and motives is also real. We have great relationships that keep us connected to everything moving! People have been asking/suggesting that we produce Circulate monthly, we are also constantly cross coordinating and communicating with other local market promoters and vendors about smart scheduling and supporting one another.  The circulation never stops! So much behind the scenes action, we are working on sharing some of that soon too…You never know what’s next!
For now, The wait is over, that’s right! Our next Circulate MKE Creative Entrepreneur Market will be Saturday April 27th, 11am-5pm
Where? ( you know it’s always somewhere new )
Artisan Apartment & Commercial Building in Walkers Point.
@ 133 W. Pittsburgh Ave
Bring the babies and friends as you eat great food and discover new treasures while you re-up on some of your regular favorites. Tell a friend! 

Email for inquiries or to share great ideas.

Vendor registration can be done on our website

✌🏾💖 & commUNITY

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