Since the reality (of you know what) set in and we could know longer activate our Markets, in pandemic mobilized 2020 fashion we gathered our scrupules and set up shop in the Virtual World! Boom!

Let’s Circulate.

That’s right! We’re GLOBAL now baby!  🌍

We have literally had folks from all over the world tune in to our live streamed Virtual Markets! We want to thank everyone for pivoting fast with us, the momentum is picking up and looks like we will will keep our Virtual components growing as we continue to get positive feedback from our networks. Sending out all kinda thank you’s and virtual hugs through the fiber optics as we have a moment of silence to all past and future technical difficulties….

Salute to all of our Wi-Fi…nevertheless…

We are planning physical markets again but considering the uncertainty (of you know what) we are staying fluid to support small businesses and local creative entrepreneurs that depend on platforms like ours to help provide for their families. Period. 💸

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.16.33 AM

The virtual series will be carefully curated.

Once you are registered we will confirm we received your information and follow up with specifics based on the virtual market date you are chosen for.



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