Circulate Dollar$

CirculateMKE Dollars is an opportunity to include economically disadvantaged individuals and families in an opportunity to participate in the buying or selling experience at the Market. Circulate Dollar$ are also used as educational incentives for youth entrepreneurs!

Youth, elders and families who typically will not attend the market because they do not have the money to participate in the purchasing of goods will also miss out on the cultural and educational experience. 

Donations made are printed out into Circulate MKE Dollars and distributed to youth and others in need to make purchases. The youth are prompted to ask the vendors questions about their business, products and entrepreneurial advice. 

Some testimony from youth who spent CirculateMKE Dollars at the last market…..

“I fell in love with the market and everything in it. I felt an odd but satisfying sense of connection to my roots when I first stepped foot in the garden. One thing that really left me radiating with joy was when I was finally able to buy sea moss, which I had been interested in learning about for the longest. The raw taste isn’t the best, so i’ll just incorporate it into different drinks haha”- Nebiyah ‘Shadi” Jordan 


Talking Circulate Dollars “Immediate Impact” with Trueman McGee of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls.

And for those on the go 🌍 enjoy us via Spotify!


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