Market Conversations!

You know there’s a real intense level of flow and activity at our markets And although there is a certain level of friendship and understanding that we get to develop, We wanted to make sure that we took the time to make space For deeper conversations and to give you guys the opportunity to get to know these amazing entrepreneurs!!!! Circulate Dollar$ Podcast Available EVERYWHERE!

Get to know these Entrepreneurs! CirculateMKE Market Conversations:

Kendra Lee is the young creative behind the Candle Company , you can find her at many different events and markets, selling her smell good products. Her brand is simply based around love, the most powerful force in our universe. Here we learn more about her perspectives and challenges as a young entrepreneur and what she has learned so far getting in the market mix. She shares tips and tricks for vendors from her own experiences and also talks about what it’s like to drive online sales, or not. Kendra also talks about the joyful energy exchange that happens through our Circulate Dollar$ system.

Check out our latest Circulate Dollar$ episode and share the love!

Talking Circulate Dollars with Trueman McGee of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls.

“So, why did you make a donation”

“Immediate Impact”

Trueman McGee
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READY to Circulate Dollar$??

Watch the vid , share the info!! Let’s #circulatelocaldollars !!

Circulate Dollar$ is a community sponsored opportunity to include economically disadvantaged individuals and families in an opportunity to participate in the buying or selling experience at the Market. 

Youth, elders and families who typically will not attend the market because they do not have the money to participate in the purchasing of goods will also miss out on the cultural and educational experience.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor for upcoming Markets? email us TODAY

Black Friday Market Announced

We often tell the story of how and why CirculateMKE was launched on Black Friday 2016. We saw an opportunity to uplift local creative entrepreneurs and makers in a collective way.

We hosted our CirculateMKE Market at PEAK Initiative 2480 W. Cherry St. over this past summer and everyone loved it! Don’t worry, this time we will be inside, nice and warm. There will be plenty space to circulate! We are looking forward to celebrating with you and all of our creative entrepreneur community Friday November 26th 11-4pm!

A real Gem in the city!

Virtual Conversation about ” Neighborhood Gems” in Milwaukee

We recently participated in a live streamed virtual convo hosted by Historic Milwaukee engaging folks from the comfort of their own home. Many different and very dope orgs and businesses told their stories and shared their passions for building community, together. Always so much to learn when great thinkers and DOERS get in the room, together. Milwaukee is on the national radar at all times and we must do better at broadcasting these inclusive and dynamic examples of ways we are moving forward, together!

WATCH the presentation.

Circulate Dollar$ Program

Have you heard? We now have our own sponsorship program Circulate Dollar$! How did this happen you might ask , well we’ve been wanting to help local vendors and market attendees for a long time in a very impactful way. This summer we officially launched Circulate Dollar$ as a sponsorship program. As part of our ‘slow’ rollout we began working with local youth interns at and other organizations such as and also community residents were all given / gifted our sponsored Circulate Dollar$, real currency to spend at the market!!

Creative interns from True skool‘s summer youth program were tasked with interviewing vendors to learn more about starting a business and what it takes. Community residents volunteered and together they were able to spend over $1500 so far with local vendors. So how does this work?

We’ve had local and regional businesses donate to our program the currency is exchange in the dollar for dollar rate only at Circulate Entrepreneur Markets. Your business can sponsor any amount starting at $100 and that money will be used to help support vendors who may not be able to cover registration fees or those Circulate Dollar$ will be gifted to an aspiring youth entrepreneur or community resident. We are encouraging and practicing collective economics in a real way! Join us!

Email us to get started with your Circulate Dollar$ sponsorship! Invest in the next generation of success!

Sept. 25th : Next Market Date!! Yay!!

It’s been a beautiful summer Milwaukee seeing everybody together in a loving excited fashion always gets the energy in the right place! Yes, seeing the youth out with their families, we’re seeing a lot of events , back to school activity …have no fear!! We are planning for Fall/winter Markets!

Join us once again back at the magical Alice’s garden on September 25 this is the wrapup to our summer series that has been amazing we are outside and our entrepreneurs are circulating, having fun like never before!


2480 W CHERRY ST. (Tiefenthaler Park)
Located in the heart of Milwaukee 

Family friendly & full of love as we “Circulate Local Dollars” & renew our collective energy after a long hiatus.Kids activities area, Bike repair station, FOOD , free giveaways ,
tours of PEAK , youth building & CIRCULATE DOLLAR$

Over 25 Local Milwaukee vendors will be selling a variety of food and beverages, skin and body products, wearable art, unique jewelry, books, hand-made crafts, custom made fashion and home accessories for the entire family and much more! 

Additional market dates include :

Saturday, August 14th and Saturday, September 25th 2021 from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

July 3rd Summer Kick Off!

CirculateMKE- Creative Entrepreneur Market Weekend celebrating togetherness, starting Saturday, July 3rd 2021 11:00am to 4:00pm at Alice’s Garden, 2136 N. 21st Street, Milwaukee, WI. 

This year we have again partnered with the beautiful urban farm space and event venue, Alice’s Garden. The community garden is named after the beloved Alice Meade-Taylor,  and provides replicable models of regenerative farming, community cultural development, and economic agricultural enterprises for the global landscape. We recognize the cultivating, preparing, and preservation of food, and food traditions, as cultural arts to be reclaimed and celebrated fully in urban agriculture.  Additional information on Alice’s Garden is available at

Additional dates @ Alice’s Garden include Saturday, August 14th and Saturday, September 25th 2021 from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

Now more than ever, small businesses along with makers and artists need our economic support

Vendors interested in signing up can access registration applications online at

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