Into 2019

We are looking forward into 2019 with much gratitude. So much to be thankful for as the Circulatemke family grows and goes to new and exciting places. The engine behind our collective momentum is our unity. We continue to be so amazed at the consistency and connectivity that develops organically when creative entrepreneurs work together.

Circulatemke was started to amplify our communal economic innovation and we are proud to witness the rapid expansion of the general collaborative ‘marketplace’ model locally!! All of our calculations equal Circulation!!

‘Holiday’ shopping is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to conscious buying & spending. Also a magnificent time see some super unique work and colorful products!

Creative Entrepreneurs make it work! No matter what! Into 2019 we have a new level of investment into our Circulatemke ideas, tools and projects and we want to work together with you!!

Tis’ the season!


Talk to people!!!

It’s not a major market hack or any secret sauce, it’s simple! TALK TO PEOPLE!! Too many great connections and conversations are missed when creatives are in a shell and not really talking to people. Now, we are using ‘people’ vaguely, on purpose. You never know who you are talking to or quite honestly who you might be letting walk past with no contact. It always helps to smile, stand up and even introduce your self with a firm handshake. It may come naturally for you, but this is a HUGE challenge for some entrepreneurs and vendors. Both our shoppers and supporters also benefit greatly from networking, communicating, following up  and keeping the good conversations in circulation!

Here are 3 tips to get you talking at the next market:
1. Have your talking points or questions ready!
2. Practice sparking conversations with people you already know!
3. Don’t try to make sales , make new friends!

New Opportunities on the RISE!!

We are proud to say, at our last traditional #circulatemke Market on Black Friday 2018 we had 5 Creative Entrepreneurs new to our Market and 3 of those vendors were doing business for the first time at any Marketplace EVER!! We always encourage youth entrepreneurship and collaboration and we must say, the movement  is spreading… We are fascinated by the growth of the Circulatemke community!! It’s always a good time for your side hustle to come to the forefront , or for you to pitch that idea in public , test the concept and let’s GO! We LOVE to be the launchpad for YOU! Let us know how we can help!


circulatemke market


We always want to go into the ‘holiday’ shopping season with things in order. Our entrepreneurs depend on it, just like our shoppers. People are looking for different things to purchase and different businesses to support. This is that time of the year that is very important for our #circulatemke network on many levels, so we appreciate everyone helping out when it comes to spreading the word and encouraging local spending, shopping small, cooperative economics and just general cross promotion on all levels.

There are many ways that you can help us help so many different businesses, families & individuals the really care about the community and want to do their part. We can and will serve together in new ways though Circulatemke.

That’s what this is all about we appreciate everyone’s support as we’re going into our next phase of development and as we are hearing feedback and suggestions we are always trying to broaden our impact and innovate. Keep inspiring and truly being a beacon of beautiful opportunity for our local creative entrepreneurs!

Black Friday official press release

(Sent to local media outlets – please feel free to forward to any media, marketing or local connections you may have!)


CirculateMKE Creative Entrepreneur Market will be celebrating 3 years on ‘Black Friday’, November 23th, 2018 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at The Vibe, 518 E. Concordia, Milwaukee WI 53212

Our first market was held in November of 2015. Since then we have held over 20 markets at different locations around the city. We welcome new vendors and customers to join in participation each time we circulate to different and new locations. Milwaukee is not the exception to cities across the country that are experiencing major growth and development. The Circulate Market ensures that the people who come from the city do not experience economic exclusion during such an exciting time of growth. The Circulate Market offers a sense of connection to local families and creators who have a wealth of knowledge and resources that keep our city rich in culture.

Local Vendors will have a variety of skin and body products, wearable art, unique jewelry, books, hand-made crafts, custom made fashion and accessory items that make great holiday gifts!

To add to the experience, The Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market delivers something unique for its shoppers and attendees through pop up performances & demonstrations by local artists. At each market, we raffle off giveaways of goods donated by market vendors. Good food and a creative children’s area make the market both family and youth-friendly. A component of the market that we are proud of is Circulate Small where youth vendors as young as 9 years old have products and services that contribute to the distinctive atmosphere of the market. The Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market has something for everyone!

Our shoppers pride themselves in knowing they are supporting Milwaukee based, family owned and operated businesses while simultaneously building a cooperative community. We challenge YOU to join in the effort to support the local economy by circulating dollars into the community through the Circulate Market. We ask that you consider making a pledge to make your holiday and giving purchases through local efforts that will, in return, give you an experience that you can’t find in your who’s who of corporate retail.

The Circulate Entrepreneur Market on Friday, November 23rd, 2018 is in partnership with The Vibe, a new membership-based co-working space for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners who may need office space for meetings or just to grind. The Vibe is a part of The River Works Development Corp located at, 518 E. Concordia St. Milwaukee WI 53212.

Circulate – Creative Entrepreneur Marketplace was created to provide a fun and affordable shopping alternative to the traditional retail buying and selling experience.

Common UNITY is building !

There is a celebratory feeling each and everytime our Markets are announced! We look forward to the the buzz, reposts and sharing of the good news! We are building a colorful, resourceful community of business partners in cooperation who are championing one another! Their is no “I” in “Team” – We are all in this together! That’s what Circulate represents. That’s what we all have as a common goal!

Our overall outreach and engagment has helped to inspire several recent initiatives and other local buyer/seller platforms – which we totally support & are proud of!

Let’s continue to cross communicate and grow together, our goal is to help link the collaborators, assist the innovative amongst us and to help make all of our dollars Circulate amongst us!

Always open to your ideas, drop a comment!


Circulate Market November 23rd THE VIBE 334 N. Holton St. Milwaukee, WI 53212

Yes! We are asking you to participate in Black Friday – with CirculateMKE local Market!! The shopping thrill is real! The VIBE is right! We are happy to announce our traditional Circulate Black Friday Market with a twist! We always have gone above and beyond to introduce our shoppers and vendors to new neighborhoods, new spaces and experiences. We are hosting our November 23rd Market at a new co-working spot called The Vibe – set up in conjunction with Riverworks, a development corporation that is making some serious strides in resident relations and also neighborhood and businesses assistance. We think this location will be a perfect fit for many so many different reasons. The response so far has been incredible and the Riverworks network is extensive. Come to check out this great new place and also get ready to check off all of your seasonal purchases and gifting!!! Tis the season – Let’s make it Circulate!

Cancel? Whatchu mean cancel?

For the first time in 3 years and 24 Markets, we had to actually CANCEL. The word just stings. The word itself is usually never attached to good news or great joy… However, thankfully sometimes we can still smile and chuckle a little on the inside as we learn lessons in life.

We are deeply apologetic to all of our vendors especially – we know they prepare by investing time and resources.  We apologize to the shoppers and supporters. While            “what had happened was” not entirely our fault – we did not establish a written contract with the so-called hosting venue for our Oct 13th Market. In fact, we have never used or signed a written contract, out of all the different spaces and places we have popped up and hosted our Markets over the past 3 years.

We’ve learned from many people who we have spoken with that they did not have a great or professional experience with this particular establishment either. We have do have a trail of emails, but that’s now neither here, nor there. Lesson re-learned.

After a brief break on our Bi-monthly Markets, we were forced to cancel. SO, we move on, and we appreciate the backing and understanding from everyone we spoke with or who sent us a positive word, keep moving with us for the bounce back and we may even double up to make up for it. Stay tuned!

circulate Providing fun shopping alternatives to the traditional retail buying and selling experience

WHY Circulate?


How do we select our vendors and why? How do we choose venues? There is a process & we have to consider a few things. We are always looking to help vendors get started and or collaborate. Variety is the spice of our market and freshness is always appreciated by shoppers. Customers need certainty… They need to find all of their favorites to re-stock and then they also demand uncertainty… No one wants the same ole same ole. So, how do we please everyone? We don’t. No one can.

Every step in our CirculateMKE process is critical! We are still learning more and more daily about the details of the Market! Keep the feedback coming!

The Circulate Creative Entrepreneur Market was created in 2015 to offer a consistent selling platform for our local network of creative entrepreneurs as well as preserve cultural knowledge and practices. We offer a very holistic experience and access to ethically sourced goods that promote community, health and well being. For this reason, we are intentional about accepting vendors that we believe represent this mission.