BOLD work & BIG growth!

We are so honored to host these “Market Conversations” and share these very personal stories. Check out this inspiring episode featuring Kierston Ghaznavi who speaks about how she has grown as a creative entrepreneur and how her art practices have scaled UP in a major way! She talks about her Market experiences, we cover her evolving product lines, Market preparation and balancing it all out with life, work and everything else. Check it out!

Listen to the latest episode of “Market Conversations” on Circulate Dollar$ Podcast

Kierston Ghaznavi has always had an interest in art and illustration. As a child, She would get in trouble in school for drawing all over her homework. She received her BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May 2012. Kierston is most interested in pen & ink, and ink wash illustrations, traditional painting, using acrylic, watercolors or oils, digital illustration as well as typography, web design and branding. Kierston’s subject matter focuses on black pop culture, afro centric natural hair, positive imagery of black women, self love and awareness. – from


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